About the Conference

Rising customer expectations, rapid technological changes and a more competitive playing field are some of the very real challenges retail banks face today, across markets. In this day and age, consumers around the world are quickly converting to digital banking services and Myanmar, despite being a late bloomer, is no exception.

With digitisation comes concerns from product development to security, to human capital management. Like the banks and financial institutions globally, the BFSI community in Myanmar are getting ready to embrace all things digital.

What does Digital 2025 look like in Myanmar, with its unique landscape of local and foreign banks, nascent infrastructure and 54 million population – more than 75% of which is unbanked? The 5th edition of the Myanmar Banking & Payments Conference 2017 is the choice platform where the regional and local banking and technology professionals convene to network and share on the latest opportunities presented by the sector. This is where you will get your answers.